I have been an avid wine maker for about 7 years now. I buy Must (grape juice) from Italy, Chile and California and do some kits as well. I have made a wide variety of wines both red and white from these locales. I have made many kits but mainly do the Spanish Rioja since I have found it hard to find in a Must. I enjoy dry red wines but also enjoy dry whites and ports. I usually add French Oak to my wines for taste.

I will BLOG on the process and my experience as we go forward. I do the Must from Chile in the Spring and the Italian & California Musts in the fall. Kits, of course, can be done any time of year. I have over 1,000 bottles in my cellar mainly so I can drink 3-4 year old wines or later.

If there are any wine makers in South East PA, North East DE or south NJ let me know.

Comments are always welcome. Enjoy your wine.