Should we add preservatives to wine? The organic wines don’t but there still is natural preservatives in them from the skins of the grapes. These preservatives protect the grape from bacteria. I do add some sulfites each time I expose the wine to air (during racking). This is to help protect from oxidation from air exposure which will destroy your wines. The last racking on the day of bottling I do not add anything. Why rack before bottling? I use a bottling machine and don’t want to risk any sediment getting into the mechanism. This could be a costly repair.

Many people who drink my wines especially my reds, say that they don’t give them heart burn like commercial reds do. I think this is because I use much less preservatives than commercial wineries do. If you are going to drink your wines in a year or maybe 2 years you may not need preservatives. If you want to age them 4 to 10 years you will need preservatives. You will also need longer corks for aging 8 years +.