Sangiovese grapes in a vineyard of Montalcino,...

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I am in the north-east and its cold this time of year. Wine making involves a time for yeast to transform sweet grape juice into dry wonderful wine. Yeast needs temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees F. I tried making a few kits last year around this time. I needed to turn on space heaters to get the area up to 65 degrees F. That probably cost me more than the Must did. I was filling a relatively dead time in home wine making in with a few kits. I will still make kits but do them in Spring, Summer or Fall. This time of year I rack my wine but otherwise sit back and dream about what it will become in the next year or so. I usually dream about this while opening a bottle of 4 or 5-year-old wine. It is always amazing to me how the wine changes. As it ages it get mellow and the flavors are stronger. Yum!

Home Wine making is all about a craft and a bit of an art that brings you so much pleasure. You watch your Must change into a young wine and then mature into older and older wines. You might experiment with blending different wines to come up with a unique wine. In reality all wine is unique. Like snow flakes, no two are the same. You might drink some wine you made a few years ago and say WOW what a great wine. You can by the same Must from the same country, The problem is the vintage (year) is different and your racking, fermenting and handling is different. The amount of aging and temperatures are different. All of these things cause the Must to produce a very different wine. Although all Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon taste similar, each has its own unique flavors.

Learn about wine, make some and enjoy it with family and friends.