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This is an age old debate that will have people on all three sides. Corks are being replaced because of Cork Taint a condition caused by a chemical called TCA in the soil around cork trees. This is NOT dangerous but can spoil your wine. It makes the taste musty and undrinkable. Plastic and screw tops do not have this problem. so why hasn’t all wineries switched? Simply it is a matter of aging. If you will be drinking your wines young, you don’t need cork. If you are going to age them, most experts still agree that the cork still allows very small amounts of Oxygen to enter the bottle and age the wine in a different way than if the container had no oxygen present. unfortunately aging raises the risk of cork taint!

I still prefer cork and do age my wines. I am willing to have an occasional bottle that has cork taint (although I have not had any to date). Have you had cork Taint? what percent of your bottles?