This image shows a red wine glass.

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The new home winemaker will find many potential problems with his/her wine making. Most are do to a temperature too high or too low, unsterilized equipment or poor techniques. I found a great site that discusses many potential problems and gives advice on how to resolve your problems. You should know what you like in wines and what you don’t. Here are some wine conditions to discuss:

  • Do you like Red, White or Blush wines
  • Do you like sweet, semi dry or dry wines
  • Do you like traditional wines from grapes or wines made from other fruits
  • Do you like aged or new wines
  • Do you like the taste of oak in your wines

Wine making should be enjoyed: the process of creating your wines, storing them, drinking them and sharing them with family and friends. Leave comments and share with my readers what wines you are making and enjoy. Do you have any unusual techniques? Above all please vote on my poll on the Home Page of this BLOG. Thanks for reading!