Pinot noir grapes have a much darker hue than ...

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I picked up two 6 gallon buckets of California Must today from Gino Pinto’s in Hammonton, NJ (a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Pinot Noir). This fall I will do these two, (2) Rioja Kits and (4) Italian juices from Gino’s. The Selection Rioja kits had a confusing set of instructions that ended step #1 before adding the yeast. It had an arrow going to next page and under Step #2 was the remainder of step #1 telling you to add the yeast. Those that have been doing this won’t be fooled since you can NOT start fermentation correctly without yeast! But anyone doing kits for the first time read the instructions through once in their entirety before starting. Think about what you are doing and then begin. Enjoy your wine!