Cellar Log

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It is important to keep a log of each wine you make. I keep:

  • Date ordered, delivered
  • Varietal and Vintage (Type of grape and year)
  • Cost
  • Then a step by step process of what I did to the wine with dates

Here is a sample log for a Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile:

2010                     Chilean

Cabernet Sauvignon $48

2/25/10 – Ordered

5/7/10 – Delivered

5/10/10 – 70 degrees F 1.070 specific gravity 9% alcohol

5/19/10 – 1.000 specific gravity moved to secondary fermentation

6/1/10 – Racked (had gas) .996 specific gravity added 1/4 tsp met. sulfite and stirred

7/12/10 – Racked clear added 1/4 tsp sulfite and stirred

8/30/10 – Bottled (yield was 29 bottles)


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