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Wine costs include startup costs, supplies and Wine Production costs.

Startup Costs

  • Carboys (6 gallon glass container for secondary fermentation and storage until bottling) – You will need one for each wine you plan to make concurrently. The cost is$28 to $35
  • Bunge & Air Lock (to keep air out but allow gasses to escape) – You will need one per carboy but it’s a good idea to have extras on hand. The cost is $3
  • Corker – To put a cork into wine bottle. The cost is $100.
  • Bottler – To fill wine bottles quickly without a mess and keep a constant ullage (space between bottom of cork and top of wine). The cost is $340+ optional.
  • Siphon (bigger is better since you can siphon faster) – The cost is $4 to $6.
  • Desk to siphon wine on. Use an existing area or purchase a rack capable of holding (60 lbs) X (the number of carboys it will hold).
  • Thermometer – The cost is $10 to $15.
  • Hydrometer (to measure the specific gravity of the must. This initially gives you your alcohol %) – The cost is $12 to $15.
  • Cellar Log Book – The cost is $3 to $5.


  • Potassium Metasulfite (1 lb bag for sterilization and wine preservative). The cost is $4.50.
  • Corks – The cost is $150 for a bag of 1,000 corks.
  • Wine Bottles – The cost is $1 per bottle. You can reuse bottles to save money. I remove labels and clean them in the dishwasher and store them until needed. The day of bottling I sanitize each bottle before filling it.
  • Labels – The costs vary depending on size. i highly recommend buying removable labels. They can easily be taken off and the bottle reused without scrapping it.
  • Caps (to fit over wine bottle top and cover cork – The cost is $ .08 each.
  • Wood Chips (to add an oak flavor) – The cost depends on type of oak but generally is $ 8 to $20 per bag (a bag can do several carboys of wine.

Production Costs

  • Must (Grape Juice in 6 gallon bucket fresh) – The cost is $45 to $70.
  • Wine Kits (dehydrated must that you add water to deliver 6 gallons of must) – The cost depends on quality but better quality kits are $100 to several hundred dollars.

Determining the price of your wine per bottle

Add up the total of all the Must and kits, corks used, labels used, caps used and bottles bought and used. Divide this by the yield of wine (number of bottles made). Your cost per bottle does not include startup costs nor supplies.


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