It’s Spring, it must be time to bottle the Californians & Italians

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English: Three bottles of Pinot Gris taken Apr...

English: Three bottles of Pinot Gris taken April 2nd, 2007 Bottle 1.) Italian Pinot Grigio Mezzacorona 2005 Bottle 2.) Alsatian Pinot Gris Trimbach Reserve 2002 Bottle 3.) Oregon Pinot Gris Eyrie Vineyards 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

yesterday I bottled my Californians & Italian wines. I had (2) 6 gallon carboys of each yielding 120 bottles of great wine. The (2) whites were a Californian Chardonnay and an Italian Pinot Grigio. The (2) reds were a Californian Pinot Noir and an Italian Chianti. They all tasted young but great. I bottled them and they are sitting upright in the box to allow corks to dry. Next week I will cap each bottle and flip them upside down for cold storage. I have been producing much more than we drink or give away so that we can build up the wine cellar. This allows us to drink 3-5 year old wines. Yum

The (2) whites were racked several times and are so clear you can easily see through them. A beautiful gold color.


Fall is here which means Californian & Italian Juices!

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A glass of pinot grigio wine.

A glass of pinot grigio wine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just picked up my smallest order to date – (2) Californian buckets of juice. One is a Chardonnay and the other a Pinot Noir. Next month I have (2) Italians coming in as well – one a Pinot Grigio and the other a Chianti. I have a few thousand bottles in my cellar so I needed to cut back and start enjoying the older wines. I also replaced my siphons with new ones. This is important as they can get dirty. Even santitizing them may not clear out all the problems. I am getting Married May 25, 2013 so I made some extra Chilean wines last spring. Some of these we created a special wedding label for. We took pictyures from our trip to Italy and used them to create a nice wine label. I found great labels from They are OL150 WR labels. I likethem because they are full size wine labels and are removable. As long as they don’t get too wet, you can easily peel them off.

Bottle Shock

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Bottle Shock

Image by Hambear via Flickr

In 2008 there was a hilarious movie called bottle shock where a winery owner throws away all his bottles of Chardonnay because they were brown in color. His son finds out that the condition is temporary and they clear up. The son saves the day! Bottle shock is a real condition that most if all home wine makers experience. This condition happens after you bottle your wines. I have tasted my wine at bottling time and it was great. After bottling, if you open a bottle too soon, it can be musky in smell and taste. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY! after a few weeks the condition disappears and the wine tastes great again. Now I never open a bottle until it is in the bottle at least 1 month.

Chilean Wine Must will be available in May


I buy my must in South new Jersey at Gino’s. Last year (Spring of 2010), I did:

  • 3 – Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2 – Merlot
  • 2 – Shiraz
  • 1 – Chardonnay
  • 1 – Pinot Grigio
  • 1 – Sauvignon Blanc

This year I probably will do less and stick to basics (Cab, Merlot, Pinot and Shiraz).