The Chileans are in Cold Storage


map of some Chilean islands in the Pacific ocean

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The spring Chilean juices have completed fermintation. The wine is very young and not yet drinkable. It nows is moved to cold storage (55 degrees farenhite) for at least 6 months. It will be racked several times until little or no sediment shows up. This clarifies the wine for drinking. Some will be bottled in the fall (when I buy my Californian & Italian juices) to free up carboys and others over the winter. I basically taste the wine and look for any residual gases. If it doesn’t taste quite ready or there is gas, I won’t bottle it yet.


Spring Wine Making

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Spring is a time that I bottle my fall Italian & Californian wines, freeing up my carboys and demijohns for the Spring Chileans. I ordered 6 – 6 gallon bucks of Chilean juice this year. It has completed primary fermentation in the plastic buckets with the yeast and has been siphoned into carboys and demijohns for secondary fermentation. Tomorrow I will check Specific Gravity readings and if ready will add some sulphites to stop fermentation, rack to clean off raw sediment and move them into cold storage for aging. At this point they are technically wines but not very good yet. They are way to young to drink. As they slowly age they will mature and get much better tasting. Then I will bottle them and let them age for 2 years in the bottles. At that time they will be ripe for drinking and enjoying. Here is to enjoying an ancient drink we call wine!